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In this section, you will be acquainted with the Official Business Account and how the Business name and phone number appear.

The WhatsApp green badge comes up when you start planning your WhatsApp marketing efforts seriously. As it’s the most used messaging app, the benefits of WhatsApp for business are a clear advantage for any business, small or large.
What Is WhatsApp Official Business Account - Green Badge ?

The famous green badge is a verification badge that appears next to a business name in WhatsApp. It’s the sign of an official WhatsApp account that has gone through an additional verification process by WhatsApp.

NameDescriptionHow the Business appears to customers
Business AccountAny account that is using the WhatsApp Business API is by default a Business Account.The name of the business will not be visible if the customer hasn't added the business to their address book; instead the Business phone number will be visible. In addition, if the business sends a template notification which contains a link, then links will not be clickable. Once the customer adds the business to their address book or replies on the WhatsApp chat, the links become clickable.

We recommend that the first notification sent to users instruct them to save the number in their address book.
Official Business AccountWhatsApp has verified that an authentic brand owns this account.An Official Business Account has a green checkmark badge in its profile and next to the header in the chat thread. The name of the business is visible even if the customer hasn't added the business to their address book.
However, if the customer has saved the business to their address book, then the Address Book Name takes precedence over the verified Name of the Business.

Is It Worth Getting a Green Badge on WhatsApp?

While it adds trustworthiness to your profile, it doesn’t grant access to any additional features compared to a normal business profile without the badge. So getting the green badge can help with brand image but not with creating better campaigns on WhatsApp.

Shows users the account is authentic and perfectly safe to interact with so you get more engagement and less negative reactions like blocksYou have to have WhatsApp for Business API account to have it
Your brand name will be displayed instead of your phone numberHard to obtain/get the approval
Free-of-ChargeDoesn’t provide any additional features

Eligibility for a Green Badge on WhatsApp

Know that very few businesses are granted the coveted green badge. WhatsApp reserves it for popular brands so don’t be discouraged if you get rejected.
Here are the main eligibility criteria — does your business stand the chance to get a green badge?
Your brand needs to be well-known (WhatsApp loosely defines that as getting news coverage from large media)
Your WhatsApp Display Name needs to match your business external branding
Only businesses are allowed to get it, no public figures, e.g. influencers

The final decision lies with WhatsApp and the service provider can’t influence it (although some promise to get it for you — they can’t).
The criteria used are not entirely clear, but business website domain authority and brand reputation seem to play a role. The good news is that paying is not an option here and the rules apply to everyone.
Our tip: Try to get more news coverage in the weeks before applying just to boost your chances of appearing as a popular enough brand and provide 5 news articles links for populer new website takling about your business, noting that any paid materials link promotions or ads are not accessible by Meta.

The business official website
The business official Facebook page
News article link 1
News article link 2
News article link 3
News article link 4
News article link 5


How much does it cost to apply for the Green Badge?

It’s free! to all WhatsApp for Business API accounts

Applying for WhatsApp Green Badge Verification

If it sounds like something your business could benefit from, here are the steps to take to apply for a green badge verification.

  • Activate WhatsApp for Business API service
  • Start sending WhatsApp campaigns and consuming the service
  • Send an email to support team requesting Official WhatsApp Business Account - Green Badge:To start the application of getting a Green Badge, contact our Unifonic Support Team at [email protected] and provide them with the below list of URLs/links, Unifonic Support Team will raise your request for Meta approval
    (you will need to provide 5 links to news articles talking about the business from well-known news websites)


How long does WhatsApp take to make a decision about your green badge application?

A few days. You’ll know it worked if the green badge appears automatically in your account. Our support team will inform you when Meta team approve or reject your application
Note: If the request was rejected due to any reason from Meta, you can request another review or submit a new request only after 30 days from the rejection.