Go to Flow - Flow Control Widget


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The Go to Flow widget allows users to break apart large, complex flows into smaller flows and link them together, enabling them to:

  • Reuse functionality across multiple branches and multiple flows.
  • Transfer control of an Execution from one flow to another.

Use Cases

Common use cases for the Go to Flow widget include encapsulation and reuse of common functionality, organizing complex flows into logical subsets, and passing live executions between flows.


  • Create a reusable logging Subflow to POST data back to your own systems
  • Transfer a contact to another self-contained IVR
  • Encapsulate the gathering and verifying of a Contact's identity

Additional Benefits:

Beyond the use cases Go to Flow enables, there are secondary benefits that make building communications workflows with Flow Studio an even more enjoyable experience:

  • Reduces complexity for large flows
  • Removes the need to copy/paste widgets in multiple places
  • Enables independent building and testing of new functionality

Required configuration for Go To Flow Widget

Parameter NameDescription
Destination flowThe flow to use as a sub-flow
VariablesVariables can be returned from the Subflow to the parent flow