Glossary Flow Studio

Flow: It’s a representation of use cases that is composed of one trigger and several widgets that combined creates a workflow.

Execution: An execution represents a specific person’s run through a flow and each execution has a status based on how is the progress of the person in the flow.

Event: It represents any interaction that happens inside a flow at a reporting level. It can be either a message sent, a call sent, etc, and contain all details related to that action.

Trigger: It means any action that starts a flow. I,e: Incoming calls, Integrations, Campaigns, Chatbot, Webhook. Only 1 trigger can be associated with a flow.

Widget: It means individual action that can be dragged into the flow canvas that is not a starter of the flow. I,e: Send a message, send a call, bridge, wait, Webwook, etc.

Template: Represent a type of flow that is a prebuilt flow that represents a particular use case and that can be used by a client to clone it and create a flow based on it.

Funnel: Graphical representation of every flow that contains information about the number of executions per widget, the percentage of executions based on the total number. In this way this view allows the user to have a clear picture of what is happening with the flow easily.