Requesting a Caller ID

In this section, you will be acquainted with getting a Caller ID, which is a must for using voice services, the Caller ID will be used to place or receive a call.

To request a Caller ID

  1. Access the Voice page. For more information, click here.

  1. On the right-hand side of the page, in the second section, click Request Caller ID. The Request Caller ID page is displayed.

  1. Simply choose the caller ID which you like and add it to your account. You can use the caller ID for all voice features.


Caller ID Subscriptions

Caller ID subcriptions are deducted on a monthly basis on your account balance. In case of insufficient balance, the caller ID subscription will be terminated from your account automatically. To ensure that your voice calls will not be disrupted, please maintain sufficient balance in your Unifonic Account.

  1. There might be a concept of primary and secondary caller ID depending on the country origination you have decided upon:
    1. Primary Caller ID: Used as the primary callerID to make your outbound calls. This typically is associated to the primary preferred carrier/operator.
    2. Secondary Caller ID: Used as the backup callerID to make your outbound calls. This typically is associated to the secondary preferred carrier/operators. If this is utilized in the API payload as secondaryCallerId, it behaves as a backup to your primary caller ID. In the case where the voice network is disrupted between Unifonic and the primary carrier's network, your call will automatically be re-routed via the secondary carrier's network with this secondary caller ID.