Creating your First Flow from Scratch


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Flow Studio users can create a flow, either from scratch or based on a template. Then put the required elements to build it, and then they can publish it and finally test it to make sure it works as expected.

So now that you have all the resources and channels configured. You can start creating your first flow.

To create your first flow

  1. Log into our UC console, then from the main menu in the applications list, you will see Flow Studio.
  2. From the Flow Studio dashboard click the Start a Fresh Flow button.

  1. Fill in the name and description of the flow in the corresponding fields.
  1. Select the required Trigger to use, and then the user will land in the flow studio canvas.


Trigger Description

Read the description of each trigger to select the one that fits your requirements. Please note that once you select an option you cannot change it.

  1. Configure the parameters of your trigger and then connect any widget you want to your flow.

  1. Click the Save as draft button to save the Flow as Draft (doc:saving-the-flow-as-draft).
  2. Click Publish to publish Flows (doc:publishing-flows) and then Done when done with it.


Test your flow

Your flow will be activated and in case you want to test it, click the Test button and then click the Execute button to execute the flow.

What’s Next