Flow Studio is a visual low-code/no-code tool that enables anyone to design, deploy, and scale customer communications. Companies can now fast-track their customer engagement roadmap using the creative talent of all builders within their organization. It is a simple platform for automating, prototyping, and connecting communications flows with your customers within minutes.

  • Flow Studio makes communication easy for everyone; with its user-friendly visual editor.
  • Flow Studio enables users to create their communications workflow for voice, SMS, and webhooks without any coding required.
  • Flow Studio can be easily used by any IT manager, marketer, or developer who can visually create, edit, and manage the Flow Studio application builder.
  • Flow Studio enables users to drag and drop widgets to build voice, messaging, and communications apps and save the coding work for higher-order tasks.
  • Flow Studio could easily craft everything, such as order notifications, phone trees, survey tools, and SMS-enabled chatbots.
  • Users can rapidly build communication flows across customer lifecycle journeys with a simple drag-and-drop tool within minutes. Leverage pre-built templates for everyday use cases like authentication, notification, conversational bots, IVR & more.

Get familiar with the studio canvas and widgets with the Flow Studio user guide.