Execution Logs (Reports)


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This section shows all the executions happening in all flows. This section will allow you to track and understand the step by step of every execution. The table shows the following info:

Name: Name of the flow to which the execution belongs to.

Reference: The execution Id of the selected execution. This value is also returned in the Flow Studio Execution API.

Status: This field describes the status of the execution. It can be either failed, Success or Running.

Created at: Creation date of the execution in DD.MM.YYYY format.

Actions: There are 2 actions possible over the execution. The first icon refers to every single step executed in the selected Execution and the second icon on the right is used to see all the variables collected during the specific execution.


Actions section

The first action is the step-by-step view. That option allows you to see in detail every step that was executed in the flow including the variables collected in the step. The steps are shown in chronological order for better clarity.

The second action is the execution Variables. By clicking on that action a pop-up will be displayed with all the variables collected in the specific execution. Those variables will be visible in case you want to download the report.