WhatsApp Sandbox from Unifonic

What is the WhatsApp Sandbox:

The Unifonic Sandbox for WhatsApp is a testing environment from Unifonic. It is a pre-configured WhatsApp number to enable you to send, receive and respond to messages from the Unifonic Conversation APIs and bot.

What can be done:
Test our WhatsApp API:
Configure your webhooks/callback URLs to test the incoming message and delivery reports payload at your end.
Test our Chatbot:
Map a Unifonic chatbot to the WhatsApp sandbox channel to test out our chatbot capabilities.
Test drive our Campaign tool:
Explore the capabilities of Multichannel Campaigns for sending out bulk notifications to customers.

Step-by-step guide to activate the WhatsApp sandbox channel

  • Log in to your Unifonic account by navigating to unifonic.cloud.com
  • Navigate to ‘Channel -> WhatsApp. Here you should be able to Activate the WhatsApp sandbox for your Unifonic account

The available channels should be visible to you. Select WhatsApp Sandbox which is a testing environment from Unifonic for testing Unifonics conversation APIs

  • Next you should add the test numbers you would like to send and receive messages from when testing with Unifonic's sandbox WhatsApp number. You may add up to 10 numbers for testing.
  • In addition, you can add webhook URLs to capture the delivery report and keep track of incoming messages from the end customers