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In this section, you will get acquainted with the login with Facebook which is an embedded signup flow from the Meta for onboarding the business to avail WhatsApp business API through authorized BSP like Unifonic. With embedded sign-ups, businesses should be able to get access to WhatsApp business API in a matter of minutes.

Requirements before registration

Before starting the process prepare the following details so you can have smooth registration:

  • Access to Facebook Business Manager. You will need to log in to your Facebook business account and have access to your company's Facebook Business Manager. If a Facebook Business Manager account is not set up, refer to this guide.
  • A valid phone number for WhatsApp. The phone number which is not linked to WhatsApp before and that number should be able to receive a phone call or SMS. For more information, refer to this guide.
  • Business details of the company. You will need the brand's display name, legal address, and website to set up the WhatsApp profile for your business

Embedded sign up flow

Step 1: Log in to your Unifonic account and access your Facebook account for WhatsApp Business API access

Login to your Unifonic account and navigate to Channel-WhatsApp. The individual should log in with their Facebook account to link to a Business Manager account.

Step 2: Share WhatsApp Business Account with Unifonic**

As the business owns the WhatsApp Business Account within their company’s business manager, they need to share permissions with Unifonic to allow Unifonic to manage their account.

Once you click to continue, an informative prompt will be shown.

Businesses will share:

  • Account access to allow the BSP to manage phone numbers, and templates, send messages to customers on behalf of the business
  • Billing management permissions. By default, a business is billed through Unifonic's line of credit, and Unifonic bills the business

Step 3: Create or Link Business Manager account**

If you already have a business account created, you must be the admin of the account in order to set up WhatsApp Business Accounts. You can select any business account and skip to step 4.

If there is no WhatsApp Business Account, create a new one by adding the account name and billing time zone.

Step 4: Create or link a Whatsapp Business Account **

In case there are no existing Whatsapp Business Account in your Facebook Business Account, simply create a new Whatsapp Business Account and Profile.

The business must add a profile display name that they will use to message customers. The display name must meet Facebook Display Name Guidelines.

If the display name represents a business that the company is working with (i.e., if the business is an agency, distributor, partner, or parent company), then the relationship between the business represented in the display name and end-client business must be evident and clear in both parties’ business websites.

For example, if Global Voyager signs up for WhatsApp and wants to use the display name Commercial Air, they must submit links to both websites stating that Commercial Air is a subsidiary of Global Voyager.

If the business checks the box to say that their display name is different from their legal business name, they will then be prompted to enter a link to a website citing the business relationship. For more information, refer to this guide.

The business must then select their category and write a brief business description. The category and business description will both be visible to customers messaging the business.

The business description is optional and can be up to 512 characters.

Step 5: Select or register a phone number

The business should select a valid number to register. Businesses cannot register a number that is actively registered to either WhatsApp App or the WhatsApp Business App. If you would like to register a number that is active on WhatsApp Messenger or the WhatsApp Business App then you have to perform number deactivation.

The phone number has to comply with the following requirements:

  • Number must be in the E.164 international format and must be internationally reachable
  • Number has to be active during the verification process. Businesses will receive an SMS or a voice call for 2FA and confirm the number ownership



In case the Business wants to register a Toll-free number with IVR, IVR should be disabled for the time being so that WhatsApp can verify the phone number over the call.

In case the Business wants to perform Number migration from another vendor, Unifonic team will support with number registration. Please contact us at Unifonic Support Team.

Verify the phone number

Once the business registers its phone number, it must verify it via either text message or voice call. They will receive a six-digit verification code to that phone number that they can input.

Once the business has verified their phone number, they are done with signup and ready to use the trial experience.

With the trial experience, they can send a limited number of messages to test the value and functionality of the API. We have provided sample message templates to help test notifications in the trial experience. In order to send more messages, they must request Business Verification.

In the Trial experience, businesses can send business-initiated messages to 2 phone numbers and have 10 customer-initiated conversations for the first 30 days. This trial state is only valid for the first verified phone number for each WhatsApp Business Account.



If the Business didn’t perform Business verification in 30 days, Facebook will disconnect the phone number.

Rules for Unverified Trial Experience

Once a business completes the embedded signup flow, they can send messages before their business is verified by WhatsApp. This period is known as the unverified trial experience. There are 2 tiers to this:

  1. Unverified trial experience (upon completion of embedded signup)
  • Notifications: Can be sent to 2 phone numbers, up to 10 messages a day. You can use the pre-approved message templates to send notifications.
  • Customer Service Messages: Can be sent to 10 phone numbers.
  1. Expanded trial (upon submission of documents as part of Business Verification and after Facebook screen the documents)
  • Notifications: Can be sent to 2 phone numbers, up to 10 messages a day. You can use the pre-approved message templates to send notifications.
  • Customer Service Messages: Can have 1500 customer-initiated conversations. A conversation is a 24-hour window of messaging with a given phone number.

WhatsApp defines a conversation as a 24-hour session of unlimited messaging between a person and a business. The 24-hour conversation session begins when a business reply to a user message is delivered within the 24-hour window. You can use message webhooks notifications to monitor conversations —only messages with the statuses sent, delivered, and read are impacted.


After the embedded sign-up flow is completed, you would be able to see the whatsapp business account appear on your Unifonic Account. Clicking on the edit button, you can find information about your account from the Unifonic Console.