Managing Voice Applications

Editing the Voice Application Details

Click on the edit button on the far right of each Voice App


Click on the light green edit button

You may edit the details in each application, be it Outgoing App, Incoming App or Number Masking App.


Edit any app details

Set business hours control

You can set business hours configurations on your voice applications, so that your voice applications will only work during those pre-set windows. This is to ensure that in case of any incidents or accidents, you will not be sending/receiving voice calls outside of your preferred window of operations.

Simply scroll down on editting your voice application, and you will find this option - Custom business hours.

Once you turn on this configuration, you will be able to add time slots. You may add as many time slots as you want within the 24-hour period, and this timeslots will be repeated daily.

The timezone that the periods defined will be dependent on the caller ID's country timezone that was used to make or receive the calls.


Custom Business Hours Settings

When implemented correctly, these settings could help save money and trouble for your business. Fraudulent or accidental usage on your voice application will not be possible outside of your operating time, so you do not need to deploy additional manpower to monitor services.

Renew appsId


This feature has been deprecated due to security concerns.

Once an application has been created, the appsId will be shown once. Thereafter, the appsId will no longer be visible, nor will it be renewable. Customers are advised to store their appsId securely at the point of application creation.

Call retry barring

The call retry barring feature is built in place for customers that wishes to prevent accidental spamming to the end users. Any call requests will be denied with a failure reason in case there is at least 1 in-progress or completed call for the business day.

This record refreshes itself every 24-hour business day (according to the timezone of the recipient). e.g. calls to user A is not allowed at 10pm because there is already a completed call at 2pm on the same day. likewise, call requests will be allowed at 1am the following day. (assuming it is not a promotional call)