🎯 Order Tracking

Enable customers to easily track and manage their orders through a chatbot.

In this use case, we will discover how you can leverage Unifonic's Chatbot platform to enable a self-serve experience for your customers to seamlessly track their orders, here's a summary of what you'll find in this tutorial:

  • Chatbot Access: Learn how customers can effortlessly access the order tracking feature through our chatbot interface. We'll guide you through initiating a conversation with the chatbot and asking it to check the status of your order.
  • Real-Time Updates: Discover how our chatbot delivers real-time updates on the status and location of each shipment. Simply ask the chatbot for the latest information on your order, and it will provide you with instant updates, ensuring you're always in the loop.
  • Personalized Assistance: Explore how our chatbot offers personalized assistance tailored to your specific needs. Whether you're looking for order status updates, delivery estimates, or tracking details, the chatbot is equipped to provide the information you need quickly and efficiently.

🌟 With our chatbot-enabled order tracking feature, customers can effortlessly stay informed about their orders without the need for navigating complex interfaces or waiting on hold for customer support. It's convenient, it's reliable, and it's at your service whenever you need it!

Use Case Overview:

To enable this use case, we will need to configure the chatbot and Flow studio as per the below:

  • On the Chatbot: We will create a user journey that enables the customer to trigger the chatbot to ask about their order status. The chatbot will capture the Order ID from the customer.
  • On Flow Studio: The chatbot will then trigger a Flow on Flow Studio that uses the Salla connector to check on the Order status and then send it back to the chatbot to inform the customer about their Order status.


Before getting started make sure you have your E-commerce connector setup, and for this tutorial, we are using Salla Connector - For more information visit this link


Step One: Check Order Status with Flow Studio

For this step, we will use "Flow Studio" to create a flow that will check on the order status for the Order ID specified by the user, this flow will be triggered by the chatbot:

  1. Go to Flow Studio and click Create New Flow
  2. Select Chatbot as an entry point
  3. Click on the Chatbot widget to access it's configuration, then click on Create Variable
  4. Define a new variable "orderid" which represents the Order ID that will be sent by the Chatbot
  5. Now add the Integrations widget after the chatbot trigger then configure it as per the below:
    1. Select the Application name and Connection name that define your Salla connector
    2. From the list of Actions, select the action called β€œGet Order Details”
    3. Scroll to Input Fields you will find "Order Id", add here the "orderid" variable you created that will contain the order ID inserted by the user in Chatbot.
    4. Now scroll to Output fields, go to status and choose slug
    5. Finally, click on Save
  6. Add the Chatbot widget to send back the order status to the chatbot, and click on it to access the configuration, then:
    1. Click on Add new parameter
    2. Type Status _in the key field, and choose _order_status_slug in the value field
    3. Then Save the configuration
  7. Now you are done with configuring your flow, you can now from the top right corner click on Save Draft, and finally Publish the flow! πŸŽ‰

Step Two: Create the Chatbot

In this step, we will create a Chatbot that will enable customers to inquire about their Order status by providing their Order ID.

To enable that please follow the below steps:

  1. Go to Chatbot in the left side navigation and click Create New Chatbot
  2. Define your "Chatbot Name" and choose your Channel "WhatsApp", then click Create
  3. To organize your chatbot, click on Create new subflow , to create a subflow that will have the order tracking journey (this will help you if you decide to add further use cases to the same chatbot to have each use case in a separate subflow)
  4. Now in the Order Tracking subflow, add the Collect Input widget to collect order ID and configure it as follows:
    1. Configure your Message and Error Message
    2. Scroll down to Variable and configure the variable name orderid
  5. Then add a Send Message widget to set a confirmation message that the bot received the order ID from the customer
  6. Add the Flow Studio widget (if not enabled, please contact your Account Manager), then click on it to access it's configuration:
    1. Select the Flow that you created in Step One
    2. In the Sending section, add in the value field "orderid" as configured in step 4-ii
    3. In the Receiving section, define a variable "orderStatus" that will hold the status of the order that will be retrieved from Flow studio
  7. Now add a Send message widget to print these values
  8. Deploy your chatbot and you are good to go! πŸŽ‰


Bonus note:

Always use emojis to make communication interactive