Disabling 2FA on your account


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In this guide, you will be acquainted on how to disable the 2FA on your account.

Where to change my 2FA settings

If a WhatsApp number is already active and connected to another provider, and you are looking to migrate the number to be under Unifonic. Then as a start, the 2FA must be disabled for the WhatsApp number before doing the migration activity.

To disable the 2FA, go to the Facebook Business Manager Account, and choose WhatsApp accounts from the left menu

Select that WhatsApp account that is connected to the WhatsApp number

Click on the settings tab then WhatsApp Manager

On the WhatsApp Manager screen, click on the phone number to go to “Phone Number Settings” page

From the “Phone Number Settings” page choose “Two-step verification” tab

Click on “Turn off two-step verification”

You should receive an email from Meta with a link to complete disabling the 2FA, once you click on the link the 2FA should be disabled and your WhatsApp number should be ready for the migration


Are you not able to find Whatsapp Account?

If you are unable to find your WhatsApp account & WhatsApp number under your Facebook Business Manager account, that means that you have activated the service with your current service provider using the Manual Sign process, which means that only your current service provider has access to your WhatsApp account and WhatsApp number.

In this case, you will need to raise the request to your current provider directly to disable the 2FA