Customer Satisfaction Surveys for the agents and chats


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Create a survey

Customer SATisfation surveys enable you to send a short survey to the end customers once the chat is being resolved and take their feedback on the service and the agent that served the chat.

To create a survey, click on the Create survey button, and a popup will open with the below fields.

  • Survey name: Name of the survey and it should be a unique name
  • Teams assigned: By selecting single or multiple teams you can share this survey with those teams. Note that only one survey can be assigned to a team, if one survey is already assigned to a team you cannot see the team name in this dropdown.
    Once teams have been added to a survey and the survey is switched on, the survey will be sent to the end customers once the chat has been resolved.

Create a survey popup

  • Range: The survey can be configured in a rating format, where the end user can rate the performance of the agent on a scale of 1-5 where 5 being extremely satisfied and 1 being extremely not satisfied. This range is fixed and not editable.
  • Survey message: This message will be sent to the end user as a survey question. Please describe clearly the rating format, as the input should be only alfabets 1-5 to record the rating.
  • Timeout: This is the time the system will wait for the user to give the rating and feedback. If no rating is received within this timeframe, the chat will be closed and CSAT will be terminated.
  • Number of attempts: When the customer responds with an incorrect format, the system will send a failure message and waits for response. This number defines how many times the system should retry the survey. After the retries, the chat will be closed and CSAT terminated.
  • Feedback message: Once the user has given the rating using number 1-5, this option enables the user to give additional feedback in open text format. This feedback will be recorded in the reports. This is an optional feature; if the feedback message is empty the feedback will not be taken.

Once all the fields are configured according to your requirements, click on the create survey button to save the survey. Once the survey is created, switch the survey ON using the toggle button to activate the survey for the shared teams.


Post chat flow fails, if the agent CSAT is enabled

If in case you have any post-chat flow configured on the bot (additional widgets after the human handover widget), when you enable the agent CSAT survey on the contact centre, the post-chat flow will not execute. Once the chat is resolved, the CSAT will be sent and the chat will be closed.

Manage the survey

Once the surveys have been created you can find all the surveys on the surveys list page. To access this page, click the menu's CSAT 😃 icon and go to the contact centre tab.

On this page, you can perform the below actions

  • Enable or disable the campaign: use the toggle button to activate or deactivate the campaign
  • Edit a campaign: Edit only enables you to edit the assigned teams, the rest of the fields cannot be edited
  • View analytics: on click view analytics, you will be predicted to the detailed survey Analytics page. to know more about the report please refer to the next section of this page.

List of existing surveys

Survey analytics

This page contains aggregated survey analytics and user and chat level rating details of the survey.


Survey detailed stats

Below is a detailed description of the metrics shown in the dashboard

Average CSAT ScorePercentage of ratings 4&5 on total responses received
Total responsesCount of total CSAT responses received vs total CSATs sent
Response ratePercentage of responses received from total sen
Total feedbackCount of total feedbacks received vs total CSATs sent
SummaryA bar chart showcasing ratings (1-5) vs volume