Building a Flow


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Once the users have completed the steps of Creating your First Flow from Scratch.

After selecting the trigger you will land in the Flow Studio canvas. Flow studio canvas is composed of the objects that allow you to build a full omnichannel communication (Triggers, Widgets, Variables, and Parameters). Once you select your trigger you will see on the right side the parameters associated with that trigger are displayed.

Then you can add more actions/widgets under the trigger either by clicking on the plus icon under the trigger in the canvas, which then will display the list of widgets that you can add to the flow or by dragging from the list of widgets in the left side panel and then drop it under the trigger.

Ensure that every time you configure a widget/trigger, click the Save button of the parameters to make sure your changes and configuration of the widget/trigger are correctly saved.

Now that you are building your flow you can save your progress so you do not lose your flow. You just need to click the Save draft button and then automatically all your progress will be saved without publishing it. This is a good way to keep saving your progress without making your flow live.