Viewing and Exporting your Call Logs on Unifonic Console

In this section, you will be acquainted with how to view call logs on the Unifonic console and export them as CSV to local devices.

Two types of call logs

  • Voice Call Logs: comprises Outgoing and Incoming call logs.
  • Masked Call Logs: comprises call logs made on the Number Masking sessions.

To view and export call logs

  1. Go to Unifonic Console > Reports & Logs > Voice Call Logs


As of 1st of August 2023, Voice calls will be tagged with a content label

In accordance to the CST regulations, all outgoing voice calls need to be tagged with a content label. There are 5 content labels available, and depending on the content of the voice calls, one of these content label will be tagged to your voice call log.

  1. Click the green filter icon.
  1. Set your date range through the calendar.

  1. Click Apply to apply the filter.


Select a date range

The Export button becomes enabled.



The voice call logs will be available for download on your local device!

To export a call log

  1. Go to Unifonic Cloud > Reports & Logs > Masked Call Logs.
    and navigate to Masked Call Logs.

  1. Check your Masked Call Logs.

  1. View the details of each call, and download the call recordings directly to your device by clicking the adjacent icon.

Alternatively, if you need a huge data download of call recordings, simply send your request to [email protected]


Checkout other methods to get your call status directly into your system