Channel Executions

This section shows all the messages, calls, and Emails, sent through Flow Studio. This section will show record by record and it only shows Channel widget types. This section is very helpful for auditing purposes where users can track all the communications sent to a specific user.

Created at Timestamp when the event happens in DD-MM-YYYY hh:mm format in UTC time
Flow Name

Name of the flow to which the event belongs to.

Channel used for that specific event.

Status of the executed event. It can be SUCCESS or FAILED. This status doesn’t represent the status of the message from the channel just from the Flow Studio execution point of view.

Number or Email to which the message, Call or email was sent to.

Source number, Sender Id, Waba Number or Source email used to send the communication.
Execution Id

Execution Id to which the event belongs. This can be copied and then use in the Executions section to track all the user journeys.

Content of the message. This only applies to the SMS channel.
Message ID
Details of response received from the channel including the ID that belongs to the channel. I,e: Caller Id, Whatsapp message Id, SMS message Id.
Message Represent the final status of the message for Whatsapp. I,e: SENT, DELIVERED, REJECTED, READ.