Carousel Templates


Carousel templates allow you to send a single text message accompanied by a set of up to 5 carousel cards in a horizontally scrollable view.

The configuration is available in UC in the template management section.

Creating a New Carousel Template

  1. Click on the CREATE NEW TEMPLATE button to create a new template or select an existing template to edit.

  2. Select category Marketing or Utility.

  3. Configuring the Message Bubble
    In the Message bubble field, enter the body text for your message. This text will be displayed above the carousel cards.

  4. Language Ensure that the message body text is entered in the selected language. This will be the language used to communicate with your audience. The message bubble text can be up to 1024 characters in length.

  5. Configuring Buttons for Carousel Cards
    Cards Buttons: You must add at least one button to your carousel. All cards in the carousel will have the same type of buttons.

  6. Add Card Header:

    • Card Image or Video: Enter the URL of the image or video you want to use. Ensure that the media format is the same across all cards that make up the template. Example:
    • Card Text: Provide a short, engaging text for the card. Example: An intergalactic hazy DIPA.
  7. Configure Buttons:

    • Button Text: Enter the text for the quick reply button. Example: Tell me more.
  8. Managing Multiple Cards

To create a carousel, you can add multiple cards. Each card can have its own image, text, and quick reply buttons. Follow these steps for each card:

  • Add Card: Click on the + button at the tab list to add a new card.
  • Card Header: As with the first card, add the image or video URL and the card text.
  • Configure Buttons: Define the buttons for each card. You can configure quick reply buttons and other types of interactive elements.
  1. Finalizing and Saving the Template
  • Ensure that all cards are correctly set up with the appropriate media and text.
  • Once satisfied with your template, click Submit to store it.

Key Points

  • Consistency: Ensure that the media format (image or video) is consistent across all cards in a template.
  • Engagement: Use compelling images and concise, engaging text to maximize user interaction.
  • Interactivity: Configure buttons to provide a seamless and interactive user experience.

By following these steps, you can effectively manage your WhatsApp carousel templates and create engaging, interactive content for your audience. If you encounter any issues or have further questions, refer to the Unifonic Help Center or contact Support.