Campaign Free Trial

Experience the campaigns with Unifonic's WhatsApp sandbox number for free



For a limited time only, you can gain access to a WhatsApp sandbox number for trial purposes, with a balance of 1,000 messages for Unifonic clients. Simply log in to Unifonic Platform and check out our Multichannel Campaigns free of charge!

Prior activation of WhatsApp sandbox is required to enable using WhatsApp as a channel in campaigns

Setting up WhatsApp Sandbox

You can simply follow these steps to set up your sandbox. Please see Configuring WhatsApp Channel

How to Send Campaigns from My Trial Sandbox number?

  1. Login to

Unifonic cloud home page

  1. From the main menu select ‘Campaigns’ option.

Campaign home page

  1. Click the Start New Campaign button and select WhatsApp.

Step-1: Campaign Details

  1. Type a unique Campaign name then select WhatsApp Business Number which will send out your campaign.

  2. Click the NEXT button to proceed.


Hints & Tips!

If you need additional information or details before initiating your campaign, save your campaign as a Draft at any step so you can return later when ready to resume creating your campaign.

  1. Select the intended recipients by adding them from an existing list (predefined numbers when configuring the sandbox number)

Step- 2: Campaign Recipients

  1. Upon choosing recipients, click the NEXT button to proceed


Limit on recipient numbers

Because you are using a WhatsApp Sandbox trial number, you cannot send the campaign to any external recipients outside the numbers assigned to your account. Select the numbers from your trial numbers list (given when you are configuring the sandbox number), the message will be sent to only these selected numbers


Hints & Tips!

If you want to edit or change something from the previous step without losing the configurations, you can always click on the Previous button to go back to the previous step, and NEXT to go to the next step.

You will be directed to the next step of the campaign wizard - Message Details, where you can select a pre-defined template from the list of available trial-templates


Step-3: Message Details

  1. Select a Message Template and choose the desired Language from the options available.

Once you selected a language a message preview will be shown. The message preview is how your customer can see your message on their device (this does not represent the exact display of the customer's mobile, but only an approximate preview).

If there are any variables available in the message, you need to map the variables with the appropriate values. To know more about variables see Message variables

For header variables with media (image, video or PDF), you need to either provide a public media URL or you can directly upload the file. To know more about the file upload feature see Upload file feature

If you want to insert tracking URLs using uLink, configure uLink. To know more about uLink see uLink Integration


Read the help guide carefully!

Before mapping the variables, we strongly recommend you to go through the above-given links and also the Help Guide available on the UI.

Once you click on NEXT, the campaign preview will be shown. Here you can review your campaign and if everything is fine, then you can either schedule the campaign for a future date and time or you can initiate the campaign right away!


Step -4: Trigger Campaign


Restriction on campaign timing!

According to the CITC regulations and other regulating authorities, you cannot send a promotional campaign between 10 PM - 7 AM. So scheduling and initiating campaigns between this window is blocked.

Now your campaign is on its way to your customers! All messages will be sent and instantly tracked from the reporting. To know more about the campaign analytics and reports see here