Getting Started

In order to start integration with Unifonic for the Email channel. First is necessary to configure a domain or subdomain in order that we can send Emails using your brand domain. This domain is the one you will use as a source email for all the notifications you send through the Unifonic Email service. The main reason for this is to guarantee high deliverability and avoid Emails going to the spam box or not reaching the inbox of the end users.

To do so we need you to provide us with the subdomain or domain you want to use to send the email notifications. For example, it can be or, or simply YOURDOMAIN. But do not recommend the last option as it is better to have a subdomain dedicated to sending notifications.

Once you provide us with a subdomain we will share with you a CNAME URL that you would need to configure in your DNS provider. Then, once we receive your confirmation that the CNAME we provided is configured in your DNS provider we will validate and if everything is validated, You can start to use our Email notifications service.

Integration steps

Now that the domain is configured. We can start the integration. Right now The email channel is available through our Flow Studio product. This is our Drag&Drop builder which through our Cloud platform you can configure your Email channel and then trigger the Emails simply need to use our Flow Studio API and in that way you can trigger Emails from your side. Just using one API.

Now in order to configure the content of your Email we support HTML and Plain text. You can build your own Template externally and then you just need to paste the HTML code or the Plain text into the Flow studio configuration. For further details on how to configure Flow Studio, you can access the following link