Subflows are considered an easy way how to segmentize your use cases and create, modify or update your current Chatbot Flow.

To ensure every client has the best experience when it comes to the Chatbot interface, we are limiting the number of widgets in Bot starting Subflow to 75 widgets and in other Subflows to 50 widgets.

The maximum number of Subflows we can have is 20.

With the limitations above, we are making sure that you don’t face any delays or issues while using our interface due to a big load on your browser.
Subflows are also considered as different use cases for your chatbot, which will allow you to have full control over what you are building and modifying.

Each Subflow has a starting point, and once you create Subflow, you don't have to use it in the Flow, you can keep it until your use cases are ready to be connected with your Main Flow.

How to use Subflows

Bot Starting and End of Session Subflows are Default Subflows, which cannot be deleted and the name cannot be edited. They are available for every Chatbot.

When you decided on how you want to segmentize your Flows, you can create up to 20 different Subflows. To do so, click on the button Create New Subflow and you will have to define a name and hit enter, or click on the Save button on Subflow


Create New Subflow

When you define a Subflow, you can perform the following actions: Edit, Delete and Duplicate (Shown by the three buttons to the right of the Subflow name, the first button is for Editing, the second is for Deleting, and the third is for Duplicating the Subflow)


Subflow Actions

Once you click the Duplicate button, we will automatically create a full copy of the selected Subflow. Now you can change the name of your Subflows, based on the use case that you would like to have in this particular Subflow, in the above example “Book an appointment”.


Duplicate Subflow

When you decided that you want to modify your Flow, you can select the widgets that you want to Delete, by holding the Shift button and with the right mouse click select the area that you want to Delete or Duplicate


Bulk action

When all the Subflows are ready, you will use a new widget called the Subflow Handover widget from the widget list, and then go to point of the Flow where you would like to Continue the conversation and use this Subflow Handover.


Subflow Handover