BFSI Use Cases

🌟 Enhancing Financial Operations through Effective Communication:

In today's dynamic landscape of banking and finance, effective communication plays a pivotal role in achieving operational excellence. Discover strategies to boost customer engagement, streamline processes, and drive better outcomes through real-world examples across various facets of financial operations.

In this section, we'll explore practical applications of Unifonic's communication solutions tailored to optimize different aspects of the customer journey, including:

  • πŸ“ Card Application: Enable customers to apply for their card of interest while keeping them informed about the progress of their card applications in real-time, showcasing financial institution responsiveness and commitment to efficient service delivery.
  • πŸ’³ Card Delivery: Inform your customers once their card is ready for delivery to help them choose when it's best to receive it.
  • πŸ—“οΈ Payment Reminders: Empower customers to contribute to financial well-being by providing user-friendly platforms for payment reminders, fostering collaboration and partnership between clients and financial institutions in maintaining financial stability.

πŸš€ Getting Started!

To begin exploring the tutorials, ensure you have the following:

  • Access to Unifonic Account (Refer to this link for further details)
  • Prepared APIs for the system in use
  • WhatsApp number registered with Unifonic (Refer to this link for more information)
  • Subscription to Flow Studio
  • Subscription to Chatbot Services

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