Getting Started

To get started with our tutorials, an important step is creating the WhatsApp templates you will need for your communication as per the below steps:

📝Create your WhatsApp Template

  1. Go to Channels in the left-side navigation menu and choose WhatsApp

  2. Select the WhatsApp number you already registered with Unifonic

  3. Go to Templates

  4. Choose Create New Template

  5. Depending on the selected use case define the below for the template:

    1. Define the Category of the template (ex. _Utility _for Card Delivery message)
    2. Define the Name of the template (Delivery Scheduling, Payment Reminder...etc.)
    3. Define the Language of the template and select Next
    4. Define your Message Content, and Add Message Sample if your content contains variables
    5. Buttons if needed (e.g for Card Delivery template include two Quick Reply buttons one with "Schedule Now" and another for example with "Check Later")
  6. Then Submit your template for Approval, once it's approved you can start using it