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With campaign analytics, get a campaign overview and detailed granular reporting instantly after the campaign launch.
On the campaigns list page, click the View icon (symbolized with an eye) to reach the campaign's details page.
There you can see the details of the campaign including statistics and performance reports.
For further analytics, you can filter the reports by status, and also you can download the reports as an Excel file.



All the statuses and counts shown in the below reports are not final. The message statuses will change dynamically as we receive updates from the channel

Campaign info panel

This section provides basic details of the campaign.

Info panel

Info panel

Below are different campaign statuses explained

Campaign StatusDescription
CompletedThe campaign is executed.
Note: updating message statuses continue after campaign completion also
PausedThe campaign is paused by the system due to a specific error code (which will be specified on the UI)
RejectedThe campaign is rejected by the admin
CanceledThe campaign is canceled by the system
FailedThe campaign failed to execute because of internal reasons


Message template filters

If the campaign has multiple templates configured

  • The campaign analytics page will have a template filter to sort the message status data and click performance data by a single template or aggregation of all templates
  • The detailed message and click reports will have a dedicated column to show the template name relevant to the message or click status. You can use the dedicted template filter to sort the data by a single template or all templates


This overview report provides you with the below details

  • the breakdown of the message counts by message status
  • The summary of the quick reply button clicks or trackable link clicks (uLink)
Message status breakdown & Button/links Click the performance table

Message status breakdown & Button/links Click the performance table


Click reports

The Click performance and Clicks detailed report will only appear when the quickreply buttons or uLink track URLs are used in the campaign

The table below explains the available status codes for Message status breakdown

Message StatusDefinition
TotalTotal contacts added to the campaign as recipients
Submitted to channelThe number of messages queued up to the channel to be sent to the end-user
SentThe number of messages successfully accepted by the operator (WhatsApp) to be sent to the end-user
DeliveredThe number of messages that are delivered to the end user
ReadThe number of messages read by the end-user
Delivery not confirmedThe number of messages that the channel has accepted but still the delivery of the message to the end-user not confirmed (delivery report not received)
FailedThe number of messages that failed to deliver or were rejected by WhatsApp/Meta.
Some important failed reasons are explained in the next table.
Not submitted to channelThe number of messages that are dropped before submitting to the channel because of any of the failed reasons like duplicate/invalid number/admin rejected campaign/invalid variable mapping /invalid URL, etc., or any internal errors

The table below explains the detailed failure reasons

Failure ReasonDescription
Invalid numberInvalid mobile number format
DuplicateDuplicate numbers are found in the campaign. (If the numbers are the same, but the message content is different, the number will not be considered a duplicate)
Message Undeliverable
Recipient cannot receive message
- The recipient phone number is not a WhatsApp phone number.

- Sending an authentication template to a WhatsApp user who has a +91 country calling code (India). Authentication templates currently cannot be sent to WhatsApp users in India.

- Recipient has not accepted our new Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

- Recipient using an old WhatsApp version; must use the following WhatsApp version or greater:
( Android:, SMBA:, iOS:, SMBI:, KaiOS: 2.2130.10, Web: 2.2132.6 )

- The message was not delivered to create a high quality user experience. See Per-User Marketing Template Message Limits.
User limit reachedThe number of messages rejected by WhatsApp due to reaching the daily unique user limit based on WhatsApp tier.
Template not availableThe WhatsApp template is either paused, blocked, or removed (The previous equivalent failed reason- serviceMessages.conversationClient.template_does_not_exist )
Invalid media URLThe URL given for the media (pdf, image, video, or document) is invalid. (The previous equivalent failed reason- WhatsApp invalid URL in campaign item)
Number is part of experimentStarting June 14, 2023, Meta (WhatsApp) has started running experiments occasionally to assess the impact of messaging on WhatsApp user experience and engagement. Because of this, roughly 1% of WhatsApp users will not receive marketing template messages from any business. For more information, please visit: Meta web link

The table below explains the Buttons/links. Click the performance table

Column nameDescription
Button nameQuick reply buttons - The exact name of the button
CTA button - CTA - button name
uLink trackable links - Variable {{x}} (the name of the variable)
Total clicksTotal clicks on each button


This report gives a message-wise delivery report that details the message status, timestamp of the relevant status update, and detailed failed reason for failed messages.

Messages report

Messages report


If the campaign has uLink track URLs or the quick reply buttons used, then you can view the CLICKS report. This reports provides you with the details of every click.

Clicks report

Clicks report


Hints & Tips!

  • You can apply filters on the data table and download the same data in an Excel file by clicking on the EXPORT button.
  • The export report can give you more insights into why some messages failed to send. You can find a column 'failed reason' where you can find the precise reason why the message is failed

Export detailed report

The export report feature enables you to download the detailed report with additional information in CSV format so that you can perform further analysis of the data. The downloaded file also contains the variable values you have mapped with each contact.

Export for campaigns with less than 10,000 contacts
When you click on the export report, the file will be downloaded instantly.


Filtered download

Note that if you apply any filters to the detailed reports on the UI, the same filters will be applied to the download file also. If you want to download the report for all contacts, make sure you clear all filters on the UI before you download the report.

Export for campaigns with more than 10,000 contacts
The report will be generated offline asynchronously. When you click on the Export button, the system will start generating the report in the background and an email alert will be sent to the registered email ID once the report is ready to download. You can return to the same reports page to download the readily available report instantly.

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