Analytics and Reports

With campaign analytics, get a campaign overview and detailed granular reporting instantly after the campaign launch.
On the campaigns list page, click the View icon (symbolized with an eye) to reach the campaign's details page.
There you can see the details of the campaign including statistics and performance reports.
For further analytics, you can filter the reports by status, and also you can download the reports as an Excel file.


Campaign Stats

The table below explains the available status codes

Message StatusDefinition
TotalTotal contacts added to the campaign as recipients
TriggeredNumber of messages processed by the system

(WhatsApp App Equivalent: One checkmark)
Number of messages submitted to WhatsApp

Definition from Meta: *A message sent by your business is in transit within our systems.

(WhatsApp App Equivalent: Two checkmarks)
Number of messages delivered to the recipient

Definition from Meta: A message sent by your business was delivered to the user’s device.
ReadNumber of messages read by the recipient

Definition from Meta: A message sent by your business was read by the user.
FailedThe number of messages that failed to process, failed to deliver, were not on WhatsApp or were rejected by WhatsApp.
Failed user limit reachedThe number of messages rejected by WhatsApp due to reaching the daily user limit based on the WhatsApp tier.

Detailed Stats


Hints & Tips!

You can apply filters on the data table and download the same data in an Excel file by clicking on the EXPORT button.