Analytics and Reports (Flow-based Campaign)

With campaign analytics, get a campaign overview and detailed granular reporting instantly after the campaign launch.
On the campaigns list page, click the View icon (symbolized with an eye) to reach the campaign's details page.
There you can see the details of the campaign including statistics and performance reports.
For further analytics, you can filter the reports by status, and also you can download the reports as an Excel file.

The table below explains the available status codes


Campaign Stats

Message StatusDefinition
TotalTotal contacts added to the campaign as recipients
Submitted to flow studiothe number of messages queued up to the flow studio to be executed through the selected flow
Successthe number of messages successfully executed through the selected flow
Delivery not confirmedthe number of messages that the flow studio has accepted but still the execution status of the flow is not yet confirmed (flow execution report not received)
Failedthe number of messages that are failed to be executed through the flow, or are rejected by flow studio.
Not submitted to flow studiothe number of messages that are not queued to the flow studio for flow execution, because of wrong campaign configurations or internal errors

Below is the message delivery report that details the flow execution status and timestamp of the relevant status update


Detailed stats

If the campaign has uLink track URLs used, then an additional report will be generated with link tracking details. The below image details the report format, where the number is user's mobile number and the location & time stamp of the user link click. Body variable 1 is the name of the variable representing the link.


uLink Track URL report


Hints & Tips!

  • You can apply filters on the data table and download the same data in an Excel file by clicking on the EXPORT button.
  • The export report can give you more insights into why some messages failed to send. You can find a column 'failed reason' where you can find the precise reason why the message is failed