Admin settings

You can change your organization settings by either choosing the gear icon or the “Preferences” option under the user profile, both on the bottom of the left sidebar of the chatbot.

The settings page offers a menu that allows Admin users to change their profile, configure notifications on new conversations, configure team preferences on human handover, and set rules for conversation routing using the new teams and skills features.


Admin settings page

Your Profile

Admin Users can:

  • Set up their profile information
  • Change their first and last name
  • Change their profile picture.

Notifications & Sound

Admin Users can set up the configuration of Notifications & Sounds received on the User Interface for the following cases:
* When a human handover is triggered
* When a new message from an existing chat is received

Human Handover


Team level settings

Note that these settings are at the team level, for every team you have to set the preferences. Choose the team from the drop-down in the top right corner.


Under Human Handover Preference Page, Admin users will be able to:

(1) Select the team where these preferences will be applied from the combo box on the upper right corner of the page.
(2) Enable/disable Human Handover for a selected bot.
(3) Enable / Disable agents to access virtual team chats. This toggle button will enable agents on the predefined team to search and take over chats currently assigned to a bot.
(4) Enable / Disable the sticky agent. The sticky agent feature allows the routeing of new incoming chats from returning users to the last agent they spoke to.


Sticky agent feature - additional notes

  • New interactions from returning users will be routed to the last agent ONLY if the agent's assigned team and skills human matches the handover widget settings.
  • If the last agent the user spoke to is not available or it reaches the maximum chats it can take, the chat will be routed to any other agent with the assigned skills within the team
  • For new users, the chat will be routed to any agent available with the assigned skills (skills are optional) within the team

(5) Enable chat assignment by the routing engine.
(6) Define how many chats an agent could handle.
(7) Define the time frame for measuring the Service Level Agreement. The service level agreement tracks how many conversations agents answered within the predefined time period, tracking the first message sent by the agent after the interaction was assigned.


SLA default settings

The default SLA value for new and existing teams will be 1 minute.

(8) Set the operational hours of the team so that the chatbot will show a predefined message whenever a user tries to reach an agent outside of working hours.

Once you set the team preferences, save the changes by pressing the Save button at the bottom of the screen.


Under Account settings, you will find the submenu that will let you:
1. Get access to your account information
2. List all the users currently created on the solution
3. Set up the configuration of the teams that will handle incoming interactions
4. Set up the configuration of skills assigned to agents