Adding Audio Files to my Unifonic Account

In order to start using Unifonic Voice APIs to send voice calls, you might find that you require a component - audioId, which points to the audio file that is going to be played on the call. This Audio File needs to be pre-approved by Unifonic according to local regulations.

Similarly, this audio file can be used on your Voice Campaigns too.

To submit an audio file to be pre-approved, simply follow this steps:

  • Login to Unifonic Console, and navigate to the Audio Library.
  • Click on the green button, "ADD NEW AUDIO".
  • Here, there are two options
    • Upload File: Upload an mp3 or wav file from your local device
    • Convert Text to Speech: Select a language and convert a string of text into an audio file
  • Upon completion, a Unifonic Administrator will either approve or reject your audio file within 24 hours.

The status of the audio file will remain in "Pending", until a Unifonic Administrator tends to it. If an audio file approval needs to be expedited, please contact [email protected]

Once the status becomes approved, you will also receive an email notification on the outcome. The Audio ID then becomes visible, which can then be used for your API payload. And the audio file can now be used in your Voice Campaigns too.

Deleting an audio file

Typically, it is not necessary to delete an audio file as it may cause unforeseen problems in your integrations that might be relying on the existence of this audio file. However, if need to, you may simply check a box and click on the Delete option.