Add AI touch to the Bot

When all Intents and phrases are added and we trained the AI engine, now we can start by connecting our Intents with the chatbot itself.

To start with this, we created a new widget Intent, and what this widget is doing, is once it is executed in the Bot flow, it will take user input and send it to AI engine for processing.

So, if the end user sends message: "What is my order status", we will send it to AI engine, and based on our last example, AI engine will return following:

  • IntentName: "Order status"
  • IntentCategory: "General"
  • IntentLanguage: "English"

With the information gathered from AI engine, we are now equipped to create a journey for our end users. To do so, we empowered our Branch widget, with new system variables, mentioned above, to enable you to build this as easy as possible. If our bot is trained to recognize the message end user is sending, then our Intent widget will follow SUCCESS Port, and if AI engine couldn't recognize end user message, meaning, we didn't train the bot with this particular Intent, then it will follow FAILURE Port

Following SUCESS port, to continue our user journey, you will need to use Branch, and define system variables

Each of system variables will give you dropdown with already predefined inputs (for IntentName, we will fetch all intent names you created, so you can easily select ones you need).

When defining different journeys, we advise you that you create different Subflows for each of the journeys, which will help you to easily build it once, and then just reuse when needed

Once you are done with building the Bot flow and trained AI engine, click Deploy bot to take the latest changed and make your bot live. 😄